Our Bucket Lists

Krystal's 50 Before 50 List

  1. Climb Half Dome in Yosemite (August 24, 2016)
  2. Lose 20 lbs (Lost and gained twice over!)
  3. Get plastic surgery (tummy tuck a/o boob job)
  4. See a new country (Iceland and Spain Sept 5th, 2015)
  5. Volunteer with Habitat International
  6. Complete a large cross-stitch sampler (The Lady of the Flag)
  7. See the Inland Passage of Alaska
  8. Purchase property in Mexico
  9. Take each daughter on a weekend trip, just the two of us
  10. Clean out and organize the garage
  11. Plant a fruitful vegetable garden
  12. Finish a marathon (debating this one!)
  13. Take another cruise! 
  14. Volunteer 40 hours a year
  15. Learn enough Portuguese to get around in Brazil
  16. Learn enough German to communicate with my penpal in her language
  17. Get tattooed by a famous artists
  18. Learn how to scubadive
  19. Do everything in my power to help José get his visa (in progress since May 2010, approved 6/24/14)
  20. Ride in a hot air balloon
  21. Take the girls to Disneyworld
  22. Get my teeth bleached white
  23. Learn how to make stained glass
  24. Write an ethical will for my children
  25. Join the Pilot Butte Century Club
  26. Live every day as if it were my last
  27. Milford Sound, New Zealand by helicopter (thanks to the Biggest Loser for showing me this!)
  28. Harbin Ice Festival, China 
  29. Hike the Camino de Santiago across Spain (March 2016-114km)
  30. Live overseas in Europe (for Sept '15-June '16)
  31. Get my CELTA certificate
  32. Teach English overseas 
  33. File bankruptcy....every woman's dream, right? (filed Apr 2015)
  34. Visit Michaela in Bavaria, Germany (December 27, 2016)
  35. Educate Erika so she can successfully enter college and then vet school
  36. Visit three new continents (Europe)
  37. Sleep in 20 countries this decade (USA, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada)
  38. Sleep in the Ice Hotel of Sweden
  39. Get current on my scrapbooks
  40. Create and complete a travel journel
  41. Build a deck on the back of the house and install a hot tub
  42. Build a she shed (aka woman cave) behind the house
  43. Retire or rather become a stay at home parent
  44. Take a transatlantic re-positioning cruise
  45. Visit every Hard Rock Cafe in the World (Barcelona, Rome, Madrid, Munich, Vienna, Prague, Lisbon)
  46. TBD
  47. TBD
  48. TBD
  49. TBD
  50. TBD
The Previous 40 Before 40 Accomplishments
  1. Go Skydiving (3/1/13 @ Skydive Hawaii)
  2. Pay off all credit/charge card debt 4/30/10
  3. Plant a flower garden in the front corner of the fence-August 2010
  4. Go to Hawaii (2/23 to 3/2/13)
  5. See the Grand Canyon (3/16/10)
  6. Get a manicure and pedicure. 5/4/10)
  7. Put a permanent end to the baby making factory (4/23/10)
  8. Have children that sleep quietly on their own all night long! (Summer 2011)
  9. Have my will and testament ready for my family
  10. Attend a Winter Olympics (Vancouver 2010)

Jose's Bucket List

  1. Attend an NFL game of the Dallas Cowboys playing on home field
  2. Go to a "clothing optional" beach
  3. Get in the car and drive across America without a plan
  4. Go to a swingers club (Club Sesso 3/29/13)

Mia's Bucket List

  1. Tattoo the United States on my arm and color it in as I visit each of the 50 states
  2. See a live whale in the ocean
  3. Pet a baby pig
  4. See the fireworks over the Eiffel Tower on New Year's Eve
  5. Lick the wall of the Ice Hotel in Sweden
  6. Stand in two countries at the same time
  7. Use a bidet  (9/11/15)
  8. Go to Jussie Smollett's concert
  9. Jump off the diving board
  10. Do a real life soccer game
  11. Be a dog groomer
  12. Have a Collie
  13. Become a mom

Erika's Bucket List

  1. Stand with my feet in two different countries
  2. Go to Chincoteague and watch the wild ponies cross the water
  3. Find legos on the beach in England 
  4. Stay in the ice hotel in Sweden 
  5. Travel to Germany (December 22-29, 2016)
  6. Ride horses on the beach


  1. I like that your list is practical. It's not all "go on this and that amazing vacation" but also, "take a weekend with my girls"... Prefect balance

  2. You now have several more you can cross off your list. Keep going you will succeed in finishing this list.



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