Monday, March 21, 2016

Traveling to the camino

           The Camino De Santiago

Tomorrow we are going to start the Camino de  Santiago . First we  had to go to the bus stop well we were walking there it started raining at least my dad could see the bus. So when we were on the bus it was like only 10 minutes. So when we were at the other bus stop we were playing games. When we were at the train station we had 2 hours to play at the parks and explore Zamora when we were walking around Zamora we got hungry just in time because there was a cupcake shop I had a strawberry  cupcake and my dad got a coconut cupcake also Erika got a banana  cupcake Justin got a chocolate chip cupcake and my grandma an apple cupcake  we had to stop at plaza mayor and ate we kept walking and hit the cathedral and it started raining then hailing ouch we started to walk more and there was a castle we ate tuna with mayo I lost my stick but a girl came with my stick WO .When we were on the train my grandma past time with playing games.
Finally the microphone said Sarria and we got off "Finally" so we got off and we walked to the albergue and we went in to our room and set up. Today we ate at a Italian restaurant.


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