Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The first day of Mia's camino

We are going to try to walk 15 miles today. We ate breakfast at matias locandas something we ate at the buffet I had :yogurt with muesli and toast with marmalade and orange juice with a muffin. Now the real adventure starts we
Walked to a Camino sign and it said 113 so we kept walking until it said 112,111,110,109,108,107,106,105,104,103, 102 and 101 and then it stared all over again from 101 it was such a beautiful view and then we decided to eat lunch   I had macaroni and cheese  and my first cola cao it was tasty "yum". Then we kept walking then my mom wanted a selfie of our family I was to short so I had to get on to a fence and I fell on to the pavement " ouch" and I was bleeding a little bit but I suck it up and kept walking in a little bit we found some mud we had to walk over it and we did and before i new it there was our hostel called Mercadoiro. We are going to sleep there. I am going to sleep with my mom. I got some music on my phone for the Camino . In our hostel there is a beautiful view it look like houses, meadows, trees and barns. 


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