Monday, March 28, 2016

Camino Day 7: Arriving in Santiago de Compostela

Today's Schedule (3/28/16)

7am Wakeup call
7:30 Breakfast in the albergue
8:17am Back on the trail
8:37am Santiago de Compostela
9:32am We reach the Cathedral
10:01am Picking up our credentials
10:19am Exploring Santiago
10:37am José explores the Cathedral
11:27am Formal breakfast at Milonga's
3:45pm Lunch at the albergue
6pm Back to explore Santiago more
8:12pm Dinner in the mall
9:30pm Bedtime

Distance covered: 5.31km/3.3mi

Staying the night in a municipal albergue means a new set of rules. Everyone has to be out of here by 8:30am and no one is cleaning up after you. We stripped the paper sheets and pillowcases off the bunks and put them in the canister up front. I made breakfast in the kitchen, toast and chocolate milk. We cleaned up after ourselves and were back out on the trail fairly early. There was light enough to see and the skies were overcast but no rain. It didn't take us very long to reach the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela. We stopped for the token pictures in front of the sign and then pushed on. It took us another hour to cross town and reach the Cathedral where the Apostle James is said to be entombed.
Once we reached the main square, we took the obligatory "holding your backpack proudly above your head" photo. Then we walked around trying to find the pilgrim's office where you show your credential and pick up your certificate. We finally found it but there was very little signage indicating where it was. There was a guard at the front gate and he searched our backpacks before we could enter. Thankfully we were early enough so there were only a couple waiting ahead of us. When you register, the clerk asked you what was your motivation for walking the Camino. The options were religious, spiritual, or athletic. Everyone else chose spiritual except for me and I picked athletic. I felt nothing during this journey that I could relate to a higher power. It was about setting a goal and achieving it. José and I will return to walk it in its entirety sometime in the future, this I know.
After we completed the Camino, it was time to figure out our next move. We wandered around the streets for a little while. José went into the Cathedral while we did some souvenir shopping. You aren't allowed to enter with your packs so I had to carry his and mine. Then Mia decided to join him so I have my hands full with three of them! We walked the streets in search of food and finally found a restaurant that offered an "American" breakfast so in we went. On our way there, we ducked into a bookstore and Mia found a rubber ducky in a pilgrim outfit and Erika got a book that explained the Camino for kids. The American breakfast consisted of orange juice, coffee, bacon, toast, and two eggs. After breakfast, we went in search of an albergue. We made several phone calls and finally found one about 30 minutes from the center. It was called Acuario and it was decorated in a unique manner, lots of Zen and Buddhist designs. There were two bunk beds in each room if you could call it that. There were plywood walls dividing each area and curtains across the doorways. She gave us a deal since we fit into four beds so we took us. I think we were the only guests there.
We had entertained the idea of taking the bus out to Fisterra or Muxia but the bus schedules and wanting to return to Salamanca tomorrow did not fall into place. If we went, we'd end up getting there in the evening and having to take an 8am bus back into Santiago tomorrow morning.
There is a mall a couple blocks up the hill from us so José and I walked up there to do a little recon and pick up some groceries from the Carrefour. There is a food court so we checked out the options. We dropped our backpacks at the albergue and took the bus into town so we could do more exploring and souvenir shopping. I picked out a t-shirt with a VW Bus and the Camino on it, José got a Camino hoodie, Mia a Peppa Pilgrim tee, and Erika a Camino tee. We bought some random souvenirs like magnets, postcards, and José found a statue of some saint that he wants to take home for his abuela Marciana.
We took the whole family back up the mall in the evening to get dinner. Everyone else opted to eat at a Chinese buffet so we got them settled in and then José and I went next door to the Brazilian restaurant. They offered an all you can eat meal that sounded amazing and it was! After we got our drinks and sides, the server keeps bringing out the meat on a skewer and slicing off pieces for you. Then a few minutes later he returns with another meat selection. I think there were like eight different types and then he started the rotation over again. I started to get full but José was like bring it on and I started putting my meat on his plate. After this continued for some time, the server came out and gently advised us that the drink coaster could be flipped over to the red Stop on the back when we were finished. Ha ha ha, poor guy, he never saw us coming! Two hungry Americans after the Camino. When I asked, he said that they were too far away from the center so they never got any pilgrims up this way to take advantage of the buffet. After dinner, we waddled home and went to bed, fat and happy.

Daily Expenses:
27,30€ Brunch at Milonga's
12,70€ Carrefour
3.15€ pressed coins
9.50€ Erika t-shirt
4,65€ bus tickets (1,00 adult ,55 kid) x 2
46€ albergue Acuario
48,70€ Wok Dunhuan (dinner JEJM)
34,80€ Brasayleña (dinner JK)
20,40€ clothes
3,00€ souvenir (Fonseca)
19,98€ Claire's (ME personal)
16,50€ Camino Rubber Duckie/Camino storybook
3,75€ Souvenir
Total Daily Expenses:255,08€ 


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