Monday, March 28, 2016

Camino Day 6: Pedrouzo to Monte del Gozo

Today's Schedule: (3/27/16)

8am Morning Wakeup
8:57am Easter morning breakfast
9:39am Back on the trail
1:15pm Lunch break
2:09pm We reached Monte de Gozo
2:59pm Team JEJ reaches the albergue
3:32pm José takes a nap
5:58pm Snack at Cafe Bar A Chisca
7:27pm Spaghetti dinner in the albergue
10pm Lights Out
Distance covered: 16.69km/10.37mi
Mia's Pedometer: 60,819 for the last two days

Since we have less distance to cover today, we slept in until 8am. We packed up and walked back to the restaurant we ate at last night. They don't offer breakfast meals so it was toast again. José and I ordered a rosca for Easter. It is flavored with anise here which came as a surprise to me. It's not my favorite flavor at all. We ate half of it and put the rest in our packs for later. Our goal today was only 14km so a leisurely stroll. The markers aren't the new ones we're used to. They are older and placed with less frequency along the trail.

Our weather was the special kind so when it started to pour and I spied a restaurant, I called an early lunch stop. We had a little mishap and Mia didn't get her meal with our order. Good thing we had ordered popsicles so we ate them first. I got a bacon cheese sandwich while they ordered hamburgers. Mia got hers with a fried egg on top.
It was the perfect break because it was pouring rain outside and the wind was howling. It lightened up as we headed out. The plan was to reach Monte de Gozo and stay in a pension there. The only other albergue was a xunta. We came upon a huge statue dedicated to pilgrims. The wind was blowing hard and it was hilarious trying to take pictures without getting blown over. Two cyclists asked me to take their picture and I can only hope it wasn't too blurry. There was a sign to the left for the albergue and to the right for the pension so we went right. We went down this long hill and I needed to go pee so bad. As soon as we reached the bottom, the sign directed us to the left, back up the hill that we had just come down. At the top of the hill was the albergue. The older guy running the xunta didn't have a problem accepting the copies of their passports so yay for us! This is a huge albergue but during the low season, they only have one building running. We had to wait for Team JEJ to show up before we could check in but he showed us to our room to hang out until then. José was in a pissy mood because he wanted to push on and reach Santiago tonight and we outvoted him.
 There are four bunkbeds in our room and a heavy sliding door to close it off from the busy hallway. There are 30 different buildings and tons of rooms. There is a full kitchen so José and I walked to the café/store to get groceries. We got supplies to make spaghetti for dinner but we sat down at the café to have a bite first. When we got back to the albergue, I started to make the spaghetti in the kitchen. There were a couple other pilgrims using the kitchen so I had to work around them while trying to find all of the right utensils and pans. It was a pretty relaxed evening over all. Tomorrow we meander into Santiago and finish up this adventure.

20,80€ Breakfast at Che 4
16,50€ 2 7-Up, Hamburger, bocadillo, 2 Popsicles, special burger
12,10€ Lunch at Cafe Bar A Chisca
14,25€ Grocery supplies for dinner at Cafe Bar A Chisca
2€ for 2 trinkets
36€ Municipal Albergue (6€ each)
Total Daily Expenses: 101,65€


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