Saturday, March 26, 2016

Camino Day 5: Bebedeiro to Pedrouzo

Today's schedule: (3/26/16)
8am Alarm
8:51am downstairs for breakfast
9:45am Back on the trail
10:10am Horsemen pass by
10:46am Imagine discussion begins
12:03pm at Restaurante A Esquipa
12:28pm Back out into the rain
2pm Windy Eucalyptus groves
3:11pm Searching for an albergue in Pedrouzo
3:28pm Checking into our room
4pm Team JEJ catches up with us
6:15pm Walking the streets in flip flops
6:24pm Picking up dinner for JEJM
7:06pm Dinner for José and I
8:14pm Stop at Día market
10:22pm Lights out

Distance covered:17.37km/10.79mi

Another fun Spanish breakfast of hot drinks and toast with marmalade. It was roughly a loaf of white bread and a toaster. The backtrack to the trail this morning went faster than last night. The first hours of the day weren't too wet. A bunch of assholes went past us on horseback, one of them was running his horse so hard that it was foaming at the mouth. Someone had written the lyrics to the John Lennon song Imagine on the trash cans that are beside the trail. That prompted me to look up his story on my phone and discuss him with Mia.
We were making good time when we happened upon a restaurant for lunch. Mia tied up her horse "Marshmallow"and we went inside. It was quite busy but we squished into a table in the corner. More hamburgers for us. The café was getting crowded and then JEJ showed up right before the rain started to pour down. They managed to squish in the corner with us, more hamburgers and a tortilla for Mom.

Then it was back out into the rain and mud. The wind was blowing really hard through the eucalyptus grove. Most of the day was spent walking in the pouring rain blowing sideways in the wind. The shoes were soaking wet with cold toes sloshing around and gloves so wet I had to wring them out. When we reached Pedrouzo, we had a devil of a time in our search for an albergue. The albergues didn't have any private rooms so we kept looking. We had to walk around and go to many albergues trying to find a room for 6. Finally we returned to one that had a triple room for 65€. It was actually in a separate residential building. There were two other rooms sharing one bathroom so that was interesting later on. While we were waiting for JEJ, we went to explore and left Mia in the room. We went to find food for the evening meal. The office offers laundry service so we had to bag up everything and drop it off ASAP. We were returning from staking out a restaurant when JEJ arrived in town. They settled into the room and stayed put for the rest of the night. José and I dropped off two bags of clothes to be washed, 8€ each. We picked up some things up at the Día market. We saw the Canadians walk by, José told them where to head for food. We got snacks for the family and waited for everyone to get hungry. Mia found a channel playing Ella Enchanted  in English. José and I wandered around town in our flip flops and spare clothes.
The restaurant we found was also a bakery full of delicious looking pastries.We ordered meals to go for everyone else and took their dinner back to the room along with a variety of the pastries. José and I then returned to sit down and enjoy our meal at the restaurant. The Canadians were dining on the opposite side from us so I don't think they noticed us. We picked up our clean laundry after diner and headed back to the room. The other two rooms were now full with loud, smoking Spaniards. Justin walked into the shared bathroom and found a naked man sitting on the toilet. We all took showers except for Mom and Justin who haven't bathed so far this journey.

2,20€ x 6 (13€) Breakfast
28,80€ Lunch at Restaurante A Esquipa
1,30 Día cerveza for José
3,26€ Día
18,01€ Día
23,80€ Che 4 dinner for José and I
12,50€ Che 4 Team JEJM dinner
6,40€ Che 4 Pastries for them
65,00€ Pension Pedrouzo
300€ ATM Cash Withdrawal
Total Daily Expenses: 172,16€
Location: 15821 O Pedrouzo, A Coruña, Spain


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