Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Closest Call Yet

Today has been one of the most stressful travel days yet and we're just getting started. I made the biggest rookie mistake ever and forgot Jose's passport at home. Seriously, what kind of traveler does that?? They were all put away yesterday but I had to run to our room and grab them when I checked us in online for our flights as it asked for our passport details.  My mistake is that I didn't put it away exactly where I got it from. I slipped it into his passport wallet, only he didn't bring that this trip. I didn't realize my mistake until we were already 45 minutes from town and no extra time in our schedule. I called Mom in a panic and she was still at our house so she checked the wallet and there was one green Mexican passport. So we pulled into a parking lot in Madras to wait for our rescue. 

Even with me driving well over any posted speed limits, we still pulled up to the airport right at the baggage cutoff time of 2:40pm, one hour before our flight. To my surprise, there were several people standing in line?! It turns out that their systems had crashed and people couldn't be checked in so we were saved by technology, or the lack there of! All of our seven pieces of luggage to check were right on the mark except one and it was close so she let it go. Our carry-ons were another matter though. I hadn't realized they were limited to 10 kg. or 22 lbs. so we had to do some quick shuffling and we ended up checking Jose's carry-on with all the heavy stuff. Unfortunately, that included both laptops of the girls, our DVD camcorder,  and a big bag of Reese's. The line to get through security was very long so I was still panicking. We made it to the gate and then I worried that we'd have issues with our backpacks and carry-on but thankfully no. We made it in the plane and the departure was only delayed about 15 minutes. 

The girls were each given a pack when they boarded with a blanket, pillow, and headphones. For our meal service, Mia was given a complimentary meal as well that contained dried fruit, cookies, and a pasta with chicken dish. Their cutoff for child is 11 years old so Erika wasn't going to get one but the stewardess returned in a few minutes and said there was an extra one so she got one at all. I think another child probably turned it down. We ordered a ham and cheese baguette for the girls too and it was served hot so the cheese was all gooey like a grilled cheese sandwich, yum. The girls drank Appelsin which was an orange soda and I ordered them a Kleina which is an Icelandic twisted doughnut. I would compare it to thick fry bread that isn't sweet. I got two bars of Icelandic chocolate, milk and dark. The entertainment system was pretty great. A good selection of movies, TV shows, informational shows about the different regions of Iceland, kids activities, and more. Economy seating had WiFi available for 7€ but we skipped that. The girls and Jose slept for several hours which is good since we are landing at 6:07am local time, 11:07 pm our bodies time. 

Preparing for landing now, wish us luck! We have reserved a car for our 10 hour layover and I hope to take the family to ride the Icelandic horses. More to come later.
Location: Reykjanesbær, Iceland


  1. Suerte...!!! Mis mejores deseos a todos...

  2. Wowsia! On the way On the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! Safe travels dear friends.

  3. That day was so crazy - so glad you made it okay!!

  4. My sister in-law she lives around San Diego and she owns a few Icelandic horses. She is on my Facebook she is always taking trips there.

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