Wednesday, June 17, 2015

D I Y Not? Organizing Behind the Front Door

We have lived in our house for almost 6 years now. Our house was brand new so any dings, scratches, or upgrades are all thanks to our family and friends. We won't talk about the dings left over from our "guests" last year, I'm still trying to move past that. There is a small area right behind our front door with a short wall before the utility closet that houses our washer, dryer, and hot water system. For the last several years, it has become a gathering spot for shoes and anything else the girls would throw down in a hurry. I had grand ideas of finding the perfect table to place there with little baskets for my keys and a place to lie my purse. Jose started talking about buying something to place there and that motivated me to finally take care of that area.

Before: I should have left the shoes for comparison
The area was already missing the baseboards as I'm still in process of ripping out all of the prior MDF boards and replacing them with the more expensive wooden baseboards painted in an ash gray color to making the living room trim. I headed off to Pinterest in search of inspiration and this is what I found.

The Backpack Wall by Scattershotdotcom
I had a little different area to work with and I needed something for all of the shoes that find their way to this corner as well. I like color in my house as well so the first thing I did was pull out the leftover green and blue from when we painted the girls bedroom. I did not get all fancy with measurements and the such. I eyeballed how far off the floor I would need the coat hooks and taped off two squares to paint for the girls writing board. When we were at Lowe's that morning for the children's Build and Grow workshop, I picked up some 1"x3"x6's and 1"x6"x4's along with four coat hooks and a dog print hook because the girls wanted Boi and Rocket to have their own special hook for their leashes. I was going to buy chalkboard paint like the idea but right next to it was dry erase paint and we decided to switch to that even though it cost twice as much. I figure that chalk creates dust and it might end up being messier in the long run and we have dry erase markers lying all around the house.

Erika helping me paint the colored areas for writing boards

Both boards prepped, now to wait 3 days for the dry erase to cure
My wall is just a hair over 41 inches side so I divided it in half and called it good. I cut the 1"x6" to go across the top and bottom of the board and nailed it in place. I should probably have screwed it in there but I didn't. I installed the new baseboards around the two sides of the wall because I made the box mobile in case we needed to move it to open the door wide or whatnot. I ran the 1"x3"s up from the baseboard to the bottom of my first horizontal board and I created two separate panels. I decided that I didn't want to paint the entire area so we left the trim a dark ash color and the walls a dark tan. Our living room colors carry over to the length of our hallway for aesthetic purposes.

And it's done!

Each one has a place for her messages
 Both girls have several hoodies and jackets that they wear in addition to their backpacks for school and hiking so I wanted to have plenty of space and hooks to hang up everything. I placed the dogs hook right in the middle and maybe it will be easier to find their leashes the next time we hike the Butte. The dry erase paint gives the wall a very high gloss shine and slickness to that particular area.
The Shoe Organizer
I used two 1"x12"x4's to create a mobile shoe organizer to place on the floor. I put four furniture mover circles in the corners with a felt pad so it can be slid around as needed for cleaning. I measured the two outer boxes to accomodate the fabric boxes we picked up at Lowe's and left the center box open for Jose's work boots. Now the girls can hide their soccer cleats, tennis shoes, Crocs, and sandals out of sight.Luckily I was able to find two boxes that perfected matched their color scheme.

We filled it right up with everything that we needed to store there and the top of the bench works perfectly for the oversize bags that we keep ready for going to the pool. All in all, I am very pleased with how it turned out, I just wish I hadn't waited to long to get this project done! It only took me a day and a half with waiting for the different paints to dry and prepping the area.

The dry erase paint worked like a charm! I can leave reminders for the girls in their boards and keep track of our upcoming events on the side wall that I also painted with the dry erase mix. I think I am going to use my Silhouette Cameo and cut out some vinyl to make it look a little nicer.


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