Saturday, June 13, 2015

Committing to Plan A

I've been going back and forth between Plan A or Plan B or a combination of the both. It was causing a deal of stress and worry that I was going to make the wrong decision. I went through this same dilemma when we were making the choice to move to Mexico or stay in the United States and continue the good fight. Sometimes you have to take a step back, take a deep breath, and think about what it is that you are wanting from the experience. I remembered that I want to spend quality time with my family and explore more of the world together. Our six months in Mexico was fantastic for our family. We spent every day together and the girls got to really know the other half of their family.

After speaking with the Director of the program and looking at this year's academic calendar, I realized that their schools operate completely different! I thought it would be like taking a class on Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 9-11am for the complete semester like you might do here in Oregon. Instead, you take a class for a few weeks on a varied schedule and you're done. I printed out 10 months of the academic year and plugged in the different classes that the Director recommended I take. If this next year is set up anything like this one, I am going to have a very crazy but awesome schedule. For the month of October for instance, I might have one or two classes every week but then come November, I might only have five days with classes in them. The schedules are different from week to week so it would be almost impossible to also participate in the Auxiliares program and teach. So would I rather go to school and have all kinds of free time or teach school and be tied down to a schedule every single week? I wonder how Spanish schools are going to feel about me taking the girls out of school for a few days here and there?!

On Wednesday, we drove to the bank and I submitted the wire transfer request to pay my tuition in full, a requirement by the Consulate of Spain in San Francisco, not by the University. The total for a one year Master's program in Spain came to be a whopping $3026! That was the deciding factor for me. I'm committing to Plan A and moving forward with my education. I will walk away from our year in Spain with a degree that will open the door for me to live and work in some many different countries around the work. I emailed the regional coordinator and advised them that I was turning down my super sweet position in Santa Marta de Tormes so I could focus on my Master's degree and that I didn't feel it was fair to the school to try to work around my schedule when they could find someone else who could commit 100%. I actually posted in the regional Facebook group and asked if anyone was interested in taking my position. A Latina from California messaged me as she has family in the area so she emailed the regional coordinator right after I submitted my resignation and she ended up getting the position that same day, how awesome that it worked out for everyone involved.

So that's where I'm at now. I have still made no progress with my GI Bill and getting the program approved. After speaking with the Director via Skype, I feel that she is willing and able and capable of assisting me with the application. I am going to start filling in the information and hopefully submit it before we get to Spain but if not, I'll be okay. My tuition is paid, we have my monthly disability check to easily survive on in Spain, and we still have savings in the bank for all of my vacation plans!


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