Saturday, April 11, 2015

Applying for Degree Recognition in Spain

Finally after months of effort and going back and forth, I finally mailed off my university application and degree recognition paperwork to the University of Salamanca today. It took me several weeks dealing with Oregon State University before I finally got the correct documents. I sent everything to OSU and got them back with the notarization a couple weeks later and there were a few errors. I sent them back and waited a couple more weeks to get the corrected documents. I had to scan everything and email them to a traductora jurada that was on the Spanish Government's list of qualified translators. I mailed the physical documents to the Secretary of State for the Hauge Apostille seal. The translations took another couple weeks. The translator mailed them and they were delivered on Saturday, April 1st, only they weren't delivered to me so I went into a panic. Five days later, the neighbor drops my packet of translations off at our house. 

Part of admission to a foreign university includes a degree recognition process. My packet to Spain had to include all of the following: 
1.- DOCUMENTATION THAT MUST BE INCLUDED WITH APPLICATION (Application and accompanied documentation must be sent through official post, courier services, or in-person. No other form of submission will be accepted (e-mail, fax…etc.) 
a) Copy of ID or Passport. 
b) Legalized copy of undergraduate degree or academic equivalent. 
c) Legalized Copy of academic transcripts that indicate student grade point average, name of courses, duration, number of credits. 
d) Legalized copy of total number of credits earned in the university degree (certification must have the sum of all credits). 
e) Legalized copy of university certificate (translated into Spanish) specifying that the degrees awarded enable the degree holder to pursue a Master’s degree. 
f) Proof of payment of processing fees for the recognition of foreign degrees. Proof of payment is required for application processing. (208.88at todays rate it was $229.08)
The required academic transcripts and documents must include the The Hague Apostille. For the purposes of transfers or certified copies, the Apostille must appear on the original document before authorized copies are made. Any authenticated documents must be signed before a notary public. 
• The Degree Recognition Application is open all year round. Please allow a minimum of one to two months for processing and approval. It is recommended to begin the application process early in order to meet all other corresponding application deadlines. 

As soon as I was able to log into my bank's website, I printed out the information as a form of receipt that I had done a wire transfer to their bank to cover the degree recognition fees. They had rubber stamped the bottom of the application but I wanted to add something a little more definite. I took all of my documents down to FedEx and shipped them off to Spain for an estimated delivery of Monday or Tuesday of next week. Now the waiting game begins....

First Application Period From March 1 to July 15 
Admission Lists July 17 
Online Registration July 17 to September 10

If the degree recognition takes from one to two months, I won't even know if that has been accepted until May or June and then the application deadline closes on July 15 and they publish the list two days later. This means that I can't get us our visa applications in San Francisco until sometime after July 17th. Once we go to the appointments, we have to turn in our passports and leave them there until they affix our Spanish visas. The paperwork required for the visa appointment is going to be a whole different post in itself coming this summer. 

Total Costs to Apply to the University of Salamanca:
Mail diploma and documents to OSU: $5.75
Notarized University documents $15
Apostille (3) $30
Document Translation $211.75
Degree recognition fee: $229.08
Wire Transfer fee: $35
FedEx Express mail: $64.38
Total Expenses:$590.96


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