Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spanish Housing

It is generally not recommended to find housing over the internet. You want to be there in person, walk around and explore the neighborhoods, look for the location of schools and shopping, access to transportation, etc. I'm going against every bit of advice in the book and I'm going to find our apartment before we ever step foot in Spain. I joined several groups on Facebook that deal with rentals in Salamanca as that is where we will be living. We want a 3 bedroom apartment so that we'll have an extra room for family and guests. Salamanca is a huge university town so all of the rentals are for rooms in pisos or apartments that you rent individually in a roommate situation. The turnover here is usually by semester for the fall and spring. I'm atypical as I'm looking to rent the entire piso for a 10 month period. 

I found one gentleman with a three bedroom piso who handled the rentals on behalf of his grandmother. Since we wanted to take whole piso for both periods, he offered to give us a discounted rate of 575€ per month with all utilities included except electricity and internet. It is located near a supermarket called El Corte Ingles which is rumored to have an ice skating rink right behind it! I have never lived in a large metropolitan area, much less right smack dab in the middle of it. We may not have a vehicle for several months, if at all, so I want something that is centrally located for access to the University, schools for the girls, groceries, and recreation. 

I asked someone in Salamanca if they wouldn't mind going over and checking out the apartment in person to make sure that it was in a clean area and not in any state of disrepair or neglect. With the Euro dropping so low these days, we are looking at a furnished apartment with utilities included for approximately $600USD a month in a downtown metro setting. Mia is really excited that one of the bathrooms has a bidet so she can try one out. After living in Mexico, anything looks great after that.

Jose and I will be sharing one room with a full size bed, the girls will most likely share the other room with a full size bed, and our guest room with be the yellow room with a twin bed. I figure we can always get a futon mattress to put on the floor if we have more than one guest at a time. At this time, everyone says that they want to come over and visit but in reality, it is generally just talk and nobody ever shows up. Six months in Mexico and Kara and Justin were the only ones to come see us. We definitely will not be making any trips home until our time is completely over. Four round trip tickets during a holiday break are extremely expensive. If you are flexible, you can travel roundtrip for about $500 but I'll save that for another post later on.


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