Friday, March 13, 2015

Second day

It was a little better then yesterday because I didn't throw up. I did a lot of things with my sister.  I thought my dog pooped because his bone was brown.I found my dog Bruno he was lost.I made some crafts.I made a bracelet today it was fun.My dad went to the gym. I wanted to go to my gramma's  house but I didn't want to go for a CuppaYo but my sister did. So I can't go boo hoo. but I can hangout with my mom and scrapbook with her. I snuck some grenadine syrup to put in my seven up. I played minecraft on the laptop it was fun. I watched my mom make top ramen. I watched The Way with my mom and my sister it is a good movie I've watched it. oh did I tel you that yesterday my mom got me a stuffed animal it was a little bunny. I wanted to go out side but I can't. My gramma went and picked my sister up and sister's dog was being  a cutie he smiled.


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