Monday, May 19, 2014

The Great Mexican Road Trip

I am a lover of road trips, wide open roads and the freedom to just go anywhere you want. This is our first major vacation where the only limiting factors are money and June 13th. My sister and nephew are flying in to see us so we have to be in Mexico City on Friday the 13th to pick her up. My mother-in-law Sara is along for the ride with us so we're a family of five now. I decided to drive the Grand Cherokee because it has more power and easier to maneuver in crowded city streets than the full sized van. I would come to consider how rational this choice was after filling up the Jeep for a whopping 965 pesos. I set the alarm for 8:30am on Monday May 19th and finally rolled out of bed at 8:45am and the great adventure began. We were able to finish up all the last minute packing and get on the road by 10:30am which was only 30 minutes behind schedule for us so we were doing good.

The plan:
Drive to Villahermosa, Tabasco and meet Eva and family
Explore Palenque, Chiapas with her family
Drive to Campeche and explore Edzna
Drive to Merida and explore Uxmal
Drive to Valladolid and explore Chichen Itza
Drive to Cancun
Drive to Tulum and explore Coba
Drive to Chetumal
Maybe take a combi down to Belize and explore an island?
Drive back to Villahermosa
Head home

Our schedule is pretty loose, if something pops up that we want to do, perfect. If something doesn't turn out like we expected, we just move on. My daily budget is approximately 1000 pesos a day. Some days are going to be a lot more and other days will be less so they will hopefully balance out.
This first day on the road is going to be the most expensive, the same as the last day will be. We have the greatest distance to cover on these two days: Tlaxcala to Villahermosa is about 400 miles apart and the cuotas add up to 676 pesos for that one stretch of the road. Our gas costs for this one day ran us 1115 pesos. Private restrooms cost another 10 pesos, about 50 pesos for the sandwich fixings, and 60 pesos for 6 raspados in the park. Our total expenses for the day came to $1911.10, $911.10 over my daily budget.

We are staying this first night in Villahermosa with Eva and her family. She has been living here for the last 11 years. I love driving all over the country and meeting all the other wives in my predicament. Eva had home made mole all ready to eat when we got there so she must know how starving travelers are! Then she introduced us to a regional beverage called Pozol that is a mixture of ground corn and cocoa seeds, very interesting. It is drank cold but I think it would be good sweet and hot too. My girls loved playing with her four boys!! They were bouncing off the four walls. She and I stayed up talking until the wee hours of 5am.

Our road trip today took us across 4 different states in Mexico out of a total of 31. Let's see how many we can mark off this trip!


  1. I love your blog! In fact, I just read the entire thing in one sitting. You should definitely check out Belize it's an amazing place. I stayed on the island of Caye Caulker at the beginning of March and absolutely loved it! I also hear San Pedro is nice and has more to do than the smaller islands. Safe travels!

  2. Once again thank you for sharing your travels. I can see that you are all enjoying yourselves. Be safe and kick up your heels. Okay Okay keep your feet on the ground but have fun. See you in about a month.

  3. OMG~ You have already scrapped the trip? I am such a slacker lol~
    Love your blog and I could sooo steal the title. :-) I am not sure you know how much hope you give to those of us walking the tight rope waiting for immigration reform..

  4. Thanks for joining along with our adventure Kassidy! I really hope we get to hit Belize, even if just for one night. I brought along the four passports, just in case!!

    Shellie, I'm having the best time that I can in life. I'll do my best to blog each day so you can "join me" for the ride. Counting down the days until the scrapbook retreat and I can see everyone again!

    Yvonne, I am trying to scrap a daily layout each night in the motel/hotel/whatever so I can stay caught up, if not, I'm going to get so far behind and that discourages me! Poor internet is making blogging and posting hard but I'm hoping for good wifi in Merida tomorrow!



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