Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 2 of the GMRT: Exploring Palenque

I learned the hard way that it's probably not the smartest thing to stay up talking until 5am in the morning when you are supposed to wake up at 8am so you can go explore world famous Mayan ruins. What in the hell was I thinking? I'm not 18 or 20 anymore, my children are! My body just can't function on a couple hours of sleep, much less driving around Mexico with potholes that can eat your front end and crazy ass drivers that easily turn a two lane highway into a four lane Autobahn. Since José also dislocated his shoulder at the gym a couple weeks ago, he's unable to drive here too because it puts too much stress on his shoulder. So little ol' me will be driving THIS COMPLETE ROAD TRIP!! Seriously, whose idea was this trip anyway?

I had a hard time dragging my butt out of bed but there was no way that I was going to miss out on exploring Palenque! It wasn't even on my original list of places to explore until Eva mentioned it. We followed them out in their car and us in ours. Last night I knew that I was running on empty but we agreed to fill up first thing this morning on our way out. Well the Pemex this morning was a little farther than the fumes in my gas tank took us so we ended up running out of gas and dying on the side of the road. Thankfully Eva and Hugo were able to drive up ahead and bring us back a few liters of gas in a large water jug from their car.

The rest of the trip out to Palenque was very uneventful which is exactly what I hope for every day! We had worried that it would be pouring down rain on us due to the thick cloud cover but we only had sweat pouring off our faces instead! I am not one to sweat by some freak of nature but I was sweating today. And it wasn't the polite glistening that my grandma used to refer to sweat as, it was bright red in the face and huffing and puffing up those millions of stone steps so I could reach the top. Palenque is huge!! I could easily have spent a whole day here if I didn't have an overheated 6 year old starting to break down due to an overload. We slowly worked our way back to the entrance, stopping by a stream so she could put cool water on her head which she didn't do out of spite.

I couldn't climb anymore after this one!

An iguana growing a new tail

Chiapas is a very beautiful state; lush and green and rolling pastures with some hills thrown in to break up the plane. If it weren't for the heavy humidity and heat, I would love to buy a piece of property here and build a finca and have lots of horses. We stopped at a Pollo Feliz on the way home and fed the starving family. José, Sara, and I shared a whole chicken with tortillas while the girls had chicken nuggets that were overcooked and dry and french fries. We all shared a pitcher of agua de limon. It wasn't as good as the one we've eaten at in Tlaxcala but the service was great. There was almost no one there but the servers were very attentive.
We got home at a decent hour and I went straight to the air conditioned bedroom to lie down and try to take a little nap. Unfortunately, the girls had other ideas and just thought it was jump around the room like monkey time. I told Mom that we had wifi during our stay here so we set up a Skype time to meet online and chat. Everyone was home there so we got to see Kara, Justin, AshLee, and Mom all at the same time. It won't be long before we're home for a long visit!

For dinner, I made the girls each a Cup of Soup that we brought with us in the food box while José and I walked with Hugo to corner taco stand a few blocks away to get some tacos. They had a special of alpastor tacos 2 for 1 so we got 16 tacos for the price of 8 and only 12 pesos each.

Our expenses today were: 15 pesos for two bottles of water, 40 pesos in cuotas (20 each way), 265 for a late lunch of a whole roasted chicken with tortillas, two orders of chicken nuggets and fries for both girls, and a pitcher of agua de limon as well as an additional tip of 17 pesos, there is a CONANP fee of 28 pesos for each person to enter the park so that was 112 pesos (they let us get off without paying for Mia since 5 and under is free), another 118 pesos at the ruins itself to get in, 20 pesos for two necklaces for the girls with a stone pendant of their Mayan zodiac sign, 96 pesos for dinner, and lastly a soda and bottled water for 20.50 pesos. Add in about 40 pesos for prebought food like sandwiches and cups of soup, snacks, etc. Gas to fill up the car at the end of the day was 517.12 pesos and we drove 178.6 miles today. Total expenses: $1260.62 (still slightly over budget with that damn gas expense in there).

Chiapas now joins the list as the 5th Mexican state that we have visited on our trip so far!

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  1. The pictures are amazing ! Everything is so green ! Wow the price of gas must be high there..



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