Monday, January 13, 2014

The Great Move South: Part 3 (Cabo San Lucas)

We were finally able to figure out what time zone we were in when we woke up and went in search of the free continental breakfast down in the lobby. When I was planning the move down here, I included a free day in Cabo San Lucas because I knew we were all going to need a break, I wanted to have fun on the beach as a sort of belated 40th birthday present to myself, and José hadn't gotten the chance to visit Los Cabos before. Erika had been with me before when she was 3 years old but has no memories outside of my scrapbook pictures.When we pulled in during the early morning hours, I had no idea how close or far away from the beach we were, just that I was tired and we needed to find lodging. After breakfast, we unpacked our beach towels and bathing suits, snapped leashes on the dogs, and set out to find the beach. Thankfully, it was only 3 blocks away from the hotel so we really scored!
The beaches weren't as crowded as I would have expected which was a great bonus. We walked past the hotels with their roped off lounge areas and headed for the far end of the beach. The girls made a friend right away and the three girls played in the sand. The water wasn't warm enough for me to get in but it was relaxing to sit on the beach with two very yappy dogs and people watch. There was still a good number of vendors that were walking up and down the beaches selling everything a tourist could desire but the only thing that appeals to me is food and drink, cold drink! Jose asked one of the vendors where to find beer at a decent price so he walked up the street a couple blocks and brought back some drinks for us.
When I was here last, we arrived on a Princess cruise line, we anchored off the shore and took boats to shore. I had walked around in search of a glass bottomed boat that I'd read about in a travel guide, and took the family to the Lover's Beach (Playa del Amor). This time, the boats pulled right up on the sand and waited for people to hire them for the ride out. For a ride out of the beach and back, 400$ pesos. I wanted the full tour for José and the girls so he charged us 600$ to tour the bay and see the rock formations. First stop was to get dropped off at the beach and then we arranged for him to return for us a couple hours later. Not as many tourists out here so the dogs weren't quite as hyper. The girls ran all over the beaches searching for sea creatures. There were some sea urchins and the like.
Our boat operator returned right on time and took us for a ride around the bay. There is one rock formation that they call "Scooby" due to its profile. There are the arches and a small peekhole to see through to the Pacific Ocean on the opposite side. After our boat ride, we packed up the kids and headed off in search of food. Due to being an area of high tourism, there are lots of American fast food restaurants available. We walked around in circles trying to find food to satisfy everyone; not happening in our family so I'm not sure why I even bothered trying! I finally gave up and the girls got a medium pizza, two drinks, and a side order of jojo's for 169$. José and I ordered gourmet hamburgers from a stand right now to the hotel. It's funny how two hamburgers that were advertised for 69$ each ended up costing us 300$ pesos. José is relearning the golden rule about confirming all prices before ordering anything.
After we got the food and took it up to the room, we finally got a chance to relax and close our eyes for a moment without having a care in the world. During the evening, I took advantage of the hotel's laundromat to wash three days of dirty clothes. There is something about sitting in a car sweating in the sun with dogs and kids slinging slobber all over that just gives this special odor to your travel clothes. José changed into his running gear and used the gym while the girls got in more swimming in the hotel's pool. The water was even colder than the ocean water so I elected to relax in a chaise lounge and catch up in my journal and travel log.
The dogs weren't allowed in the hotel so I went out every couple hours to give them water and walk them. The temps aren't that high since it's January and the building provides shade to the van most of the day. Tomorrow it's time to get back on the road and make our next push to Bucerias, Nayarit. We'll be taking the Baja Ferries across to the mainland, fingers crossed that nobody gets seasick!

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