Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Project Life Tuesday

If you hadn't noticed by now or don't really know me at all, you might have somehow missed the screaming signs that I'm an addicted scrapper. And I don't mean scrap metal, I mean scraps of paper and photos. If I had to choose between my husband and my hobby, it would be a very painful decision but hey, at least I'd have pictures to remember him by!

This life in Mexico has finally given me what I have needed most; unlimited time to scrap with! I wake up and I start playing with my pictures and I come back to it all throughout the day. My second most important purchase was a huge table that measures 3 feet by 9 feet so I can set up my craft area. My wooden chair is a little hard for my bottom's preferences but I'm not going to invest in a big comfy chair or I'll never move from this spot. I'm sure my in-laws have got to think I'm a crazy white lady who spends all day on the internet because I do. They just don't know what I spend my time doing.

I used to scrap with physical materials; a big 3 ring binder, plastic page protectors, photos, and lots of little embellishments. One of the first things I accepted about traveling is that I won't be able to haul around the literal ton supplies that I own. I'm a shopper and I have a hard time controlling myself when it comes to shopping for my hobby. The little purchases add up here and there and ouch! So starting with my 2014 album, I became a digital scrapbooker. And now the pages are flying out of my hands faster than ever before. Why I just ordered Volume I, a 101 page digital scrapbook that only covers 14 weeks of our new life! If I were working in a physical album, I would still be stuck back in February I'm pretty sure. That's what happened to me last year, I fell off the wagon somewhere in June and managed to climb back on for a month in October before life sucked me in again.

Week 27 from my physical 2013 album
I am so proud of myself for actually staying current in my album. Right now I'm finishing up our week long trip to Guerrero, Mexico. The Project Life system was created by Becky Higgins as a way for people to scrap faster and get those pictures into albums because that's what it's really all about. I'm not a fancy scrapper by any means; pictures and journals and a little flair and I'm good. It is easy enough to get started with either version. If you're like me and computer literate, go with Digital Project Life. Start with a couple free templates off her website and you can find millions of freebies with a quick search on Pinterest.

Now that I'm just about caught up with my 2014 album, I made a promise that I'd drag out the neglected 2013 album, literally drag out as it weighs about 10 pounds, and start working in it so I can get caught up. I plan on taking that beast home with me this summer and putting it into storage along with all my other albums. From now, it's going to be digital all the way! Some weeks I complete a lot more pages than others but it comes and goes in flows. If I'm not feeling it, I just leave the layout open and walk away from it. It should never be a forced effort or that would just suck the joy right out of it. I started scrapping back in 1998 and it still enchants me as the very first day I fell in love with the hobby. Obviously others as well since it's a billion dollar industry now and still growing!

So here's a peek at what I've been creating this week, Enjoy! I got lots of pages done from our trip to Guerrero and started Volume II of this year's album!

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  1. I am impressed ~ I fell of the Project Life Wagon.. I had even set up my phone with a Pix a day app as a reminder ..lol~
    Of course I had to have all the new PL kits...lol Now collecting dust..
    And CKC is just a few weeks away~



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