Sunday, April 13, 2014

Packing for a week long vacation

Color Coordinated Packing Cubes
I moved more than 30 times before my 18th birthday so packing comes pretty naturally to me. Packing up to move homes is a stressful affair; packing up for a vacation should be exciting and enjoyable. When I'm really excited about a trip, I start packing a week or two in advance. When I'm not that enthused about it, it's usually the night before, like tonight. Semana Santa began this week here in Mexico. School is out for the next two weeks, similar to Spring Break back home. The college level kids only have this week off so we're taking advantage of it and getting out of here. Only we aren't going on some fancy vacation to the tropical beaches or the big city, we're headed to Guerrero. José grew up in Zirandaro until he was 15 years old and then the family moved to Mexico City to find work. He was raised in the house of his grandparents and everyone lived on the same piece of land so there's never a dull moment and people are always coming and going. His grandparents have both passed away now but the tíos and tías and primos still remain so we are gathering everyone up this week for a Mexican Family Reunion.
Now back to my favorite subject of Vacation Packing. We used to throw everything into suitcases and backpacks and haul it around. That all changed one day when Talon over at 1 Dad 1 Kid introduced us to the packing cube. I have a Type A personality and I love organization. When I jumped online at packing cubes, I immediately went into shopping mode. Now each of us has our own set of assorted packing cubes in different colors. José has the Raspberry Red, I have the Eggplant Purple, Erika has the Grasshopper Green, and Mia the Peony Pink. I love that there are different sizes and they all have handles on them so the girls started using them as overnight bags when they went to Grandma's. It was easy to pack up the large size and take it with us if we went out of town briefly. Everyone got packing cubes for their birthday and Christmas last year as well so now I've got everyone hooked on them. Kara even said that it made packing fun and she normally hates it. They have lots of great sales as well and a rewards system so I also scored four rolling duffel bags in matching colors so that is what we travel with now.
Harvestmen aka "Daddy Long Legs"
When we get to our destination, I just pop the packing cubes into the dresser drawers and sit the bathroom one on the bathroom counter. As the girls wear their clothes, all the dirty clothes go straight into the large one so it's easier to grab the four bags when it's time to do laundry. Talon is talking about upgrading to the compression cubes but I'm not ready to invest in an upgrade to our system yet. We are slow traveling the world so we have the luxury right now of lots of space. When we jump overseas to Europe, we'll have to reevaluate our situation but that is still a little ways out. Even after three months here, we still use some of the cubes. I keep all of my undergarments in one and my bras in another and just slip them into a drawer. The girls do the same with theirs as it's easier to keep the drawers organized. The clothes come out of the bag when we're somewhere long term but it works awesome for the short term!

As part of my packing process, the girls realized that they didn't have enough clean underwear and shorts so I went out to wash a load of laundry in the dark. I took the flashlight over to the water spigot to see if our water had been shut off or not and I found these lovely creatures ALL OVER THE FREAKING SIDE OF THE HOUSE!! I ran screaming into the house and grabbed the bottle of Home Defense and sprayed down the walls but there were just so many of them. My daughter AshLee schooled me that these are not actually spiders but harvestmen. Either way, I was freaked out. These are the same harvestmen that crawl onto my bed at night and walk across my pillow and my body. José promised to call the bug exterminators when we get back. I'm a tough girl and there isn't a lot that scares me but I can't handle bugs on my bed!!!


  1. Nope. Those are creepy crawlies and that's all there is to it. The must be exterminated.

    Now I'm going to look into packing cubes- you are such an enabler <3 Try to have fun in Guererro. I'm still jealous that you get to see so much of Mexico.

  2. OMG... I think I would have slept in the car~ lol~



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