Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Life in Mexico: Part 4 (Xochimilco)

On Saturday March 22, we went to Xochimilco ( so-chi-mil-co ) for a boat ride. It was awesome. We went on it to go to the Island of the Dolls. We had to take a two hour car ride to get to the boats. When we got on the boats, we had to be on the boat for five hours. I am going to tell you about the boat ride. When we got on, Mia and I looked at the water and it was really deep and had a lot of seaweed in it. There was not a bathroom on the boat but the guy who steered it stopped for the bathroom on the way. The guy who steered the boat had to use a long stick to push us along. We grabbed stuff like seaweed, sticks, and leaves.

 I grabbed a big stick and started paddling too like the guy with the big stick
My mom made potato salad for lunch and it was yummy. The people that went on the boat were my Aunt Maria, Jesus, Leticia, Uncle Victor, Jose, my Mom, Grandma Sara, Concha, Adriana, Mia, me, Martin, Victor Jose, Angel, and Gael. I had so much fun on the boat. We got to see lots of cool stuff on the ride to the Island of the Dolls.
My aunt paid 100 pesos for different people in boats to play music
Everyone was dancing on the front of the trajinera
When we were almost done, there was a thing that made you go over a brick wall. We got to go up but we did not get to go over, we had to get off and then go around and then get back on to keep going.
The boat lift
Isla de las Muñecas
On the way, we saw a little version of Island of the Dolls. It was not all dolls, it had stuffed animals too at the little version of Island of the Dolls. Mia and I sat on the part that goes up the whole time almost. My aunt liked to take lots of pictures to put on Facebook. She even took a few pictures of four kids in a boat that were catching fish. They only had three fish. We finally got to the Island of the Dolls and it was kinda scary because there were dolls hanging in trees and in the bushes and hanging from the house. CREEPY! My mom did not let us go inside because it was expensive. So we ate lunch in the boat and we also gave the boat guy some food and drinks. We headed back to where we started. We got to the beginning and I was sad because I did not want to get off because it was so much fun. Bye! There are pictures at the bottom of the page. Adios!
On the way back, there was a guy selling plants so Mia and I each got a little plant. It was so cute. 
I got to do an art project about the boat. I made it with popsicle sticks, markers, hot glue, Elmer's glue, and craft foam. It is really cool there will be a picture of it at the bottom of the page.

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  1. Oh my goodness, you did a fantastic job on the art project. I also enjoyed your blog. I am glad you had such a great time,



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