Friday, March 14, 2014

Life in Mexico: Part 3

The 5 Senses
I am doing the five senses because there were a few questions about them and it will explain a lot about Mexico so that is why I am doing the five senses.

Sight: Well I see a lot of  cactus and garbage. It is kinda dirty. There are also a lot of stray dogs but it is also pretty in some parts and sometimes in Tlaxcala I see people who speak English and it is pretty cool. I see ice cream stands all over we get one once a month because it is expensive it is called Ricas Nieves [ Good Ice Cream] and it is really good.

Sound: It is noisy sometimes because there are these cars that go by selling and they have loud speakers that say what they are selling and it is annoying. There is also loud music that is playing sometimes.  When we take walks it sounds like jibber jabber because I have no idea what they are saying here are also a lot of barks from dogs and sometimes I hear fireworks and it scares me because it is loud.

Smell: Well it smells like fried food all the time like Tacos, Chicken, and all sorts of other meat. When I take a walk it smells like the sewer and garbage all over the street. It smells like chiles that burns my throat and eyes. And at market it smells like fruit and it smells really good.

Taste: The food here is pretty good I like the Tinga and the Quesadillas the most. My mom still makes American foods every Thursday. YUMMY! At breakfast they eat enchiladas and heavy foods and I usually eat  a bowl of cereal and when I see them I think how can they eat that. And it is the same with  lunch they eat something heavy and I eat a peanut-butter and jelly but we all eat the same stuff for dinner.

Touch:  Some things feel different like when you touch the grass it feels different because it is now not as earthy it is dry. When you pick something up to weigh it is different because you weigh it with kilos not pounds. My clothes feel different when they come off the drying line because they feel crumbly and dry but after a while they feel regular.

                                       That is all for the five senses    Bye   Adios


  1. This is a great and very descriptive post Erika! As I was reading I was picturing all these things in my town and colonia!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post Erika! And pretty much all of the things you described can be said of most small Mexican towns. Find the beauty in everything and everywhere you are, it's always there. I look forward to reading your next post.



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