Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Life in Mexico: Part 2

Well I am going to talk about what I do in the day. I usually play with my Lego's then eat breakfast I usually eat Choco Krispies. Then we go shopping and I do not like it we have to do it most every day. UGG! On Sundays we go to market to buy fruit. I like market though. Then we come back and eat lunch we usually have peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches. Then I play for a few hours. Some things I play are Lego's, American Girl dolls, Barbies because my sister likes them,and we play with our dogs and and that's about it. Then we eat dinner and on Thursday it is our day to make food and this Thursday we are making shepherds pie it is not actually pie. Then after dinner we walk to the panaderia which I am going to tell you about. We go at about nine o-clock I really like the conchas but I also like to try new ones but all of them that I get are yummy. I am going to talk about walking to the panaderia. Well it is dark and scary we have to walk a few blocks. We bring our dogs but we have to be careful not to get them near other dogs because they might get fleas and that would not be good. But when we get to the panaderia they are usually making it smells really good in there. YUM! We get ten pieces for 35 pesos then we go home and eat them. And that is about it for what I do in the day until next time. GOODBYE or ADIOS in Spanish.


  1. I love hearing about your day in Mexico.

  2. Hola Erika! Pan dulce is my favorite part of the day here also! My favorite is olajadras. They are made with a lot of egg. I also like ojos and cuernitos. In Santa Ana they sell them full of chocolate! The panaderia is named La Concepcion. I think you should right about The zoo in Mexico when you visit there. Hasta luego Chica, Shannon



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