Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Homesick and Children

This post wasn't planned but the idea has been carried with me for several years now. My children don't know what it's like to be homesick. They've never been away from their home for more than a week or two while we were on vacation or off camping. We've been gone for two months now and although we are settling in and adjusting to this new lifestyle, it is still hard on the girls. It's easy during the day to mask the loneliness and homesickness but nighttime seems to bring it back in full force.

Erika and Mia share a full size bed on top of their fancy new hideaway but they only sleep there if they are together. Neither one of my girls will sleep alone if there is any other breathing soul available in the house. Sometimes one of them will slip off to sleep with one of their cousins, usually Erika, which leaves Mia to creep into bed with José and I. And I have absolutely no problem sharing my bed with my children. I am all about attachment parenting before they even had a name for it. This last weekend, Erika was going to sleep with her cousins, as they share a bed too, but she crept back into our room just after midnight because she was scared. Ilse and Fernanda had already fallen asleep and she still lie awake with a million thoughts running through her 11 year old mind and she couldn't fall asleep out there.

Tonight Mia fell asleep early on our bed and José moved her up into their bed just before midnight, this is no easy feat as she is easily 60 pounds now and the bed is our height. Erika came back to our room soon afterwards and climbed up into bed after getting her kisses and hug. She is afraid that she won't want to return to Mexico after we go home for the summer. Of course, staying behind isn't an option for me. I left behind my country to keep my family together, not divide ourselves. She started crying softly into her pillow and it breaks my heart. I know that I'm doing the right thing but it's hard to see the big picture from a child's point of view. Erika only knows that we've left behind everything that was near and dear to her and thrust her into an unknown world that can be frightening at times. As Americans that speak English, I have to be sure she is always in my sight and try to not draw attention to ourselves. We live in a relatively safe area but I have a very beautiful young lady on my hands and she is almost ripe pickings in these parts. The teenage boys in the market are already making eyes at her and I can't carry a shotgun here!

She is stuck in this age between a child and a preteen and it's hard on her. She loves all your comments on Facebook and Blogger when she writes her blog posts so please keep them coming. I am doing a combination of homeschool and unschool with the girls so her weekly blog posts are a part of her English grammar and composition class. Feel free to ask her any kind of questions as it helps her develop themes and topics and plan out her next writings.


  1. As much as Sharai annoyed them she misses them dearly, she continues to ask daily if they can play and when vacation is over. Oh miss Erika we would love to know what your adventure holds each day - we would love to hear it from her perspective ! What kind of animals do you see? What does it smell like? What does the air feel like on your face? Whats the dirt like? is it red or the same color as here? Whats similar and whats totally different? Team Greenwalt must know the answers to all these questions we are a very curious bunch! lotsa prayers going your way

  2. Homesick-yes girls-I can feel you on this one. Keep blogging Erika-it will help all of us. You have an amazing family-I love reading your blog and your moms posts too!

  3. Ahhh, Krystal this is a very familiar topic for me, for 6 years I have come to Mexico for 6 to 8 week stretches, while my husband was in Los Angeles, this has made me and my kids familiar with missing home. I also did it because I knew that eventually we would be here and not there and I wanted it to be as familiar as possible. I would say that for my daughter going to school helped her a lot, she was forced to learn more Spanish, make friends and spend a couple hours without me... She still cries for grandmother and her friends and family at home, we have been here 7 months now, and it's somewhat unbelievable. I know full well things would be a lot harder for her if she wasn't 6 , I feel for Erika , she has a lot to deal with without really knowing how. My kids shared a room with us until we moved here, here they have there own room for the first time but again they share a bed also. And almost every night we sleep with them also. We laugh that here we are with a big house, and we are all in one bed, but that's what is important we are all together!



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